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Default Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review

I don't know, it really doesn't look like a $250 case to me, the carbon fibre look is very reminiscent of the cheap "gaming" cases you can get at Larry's Computers (not a real place) down the block.

I really like the way they manage to cram that ATX board into the case though, although if you can't use all the slots it sorta defeats a good deal of the point. Always nice to see some new SFF ideas.

If anyone is interesting in buying a SFF case, the Silverstone Sugo SG03 is similar in size (not as tall or deep but quite a bit wider) to the GT3, supports normal optical drives, has 4 expansion slots and looks a lot better (opinion of course). The downside is that the board has to be an mATX. Something else to consider in a small chasis.
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