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Default Re: Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360

Heres my ever professional opinion on all this:

I'll start out with my least favorite. The gamecube.

I got one for free with 7 games (Windwaker, Metroid Prime 1, Animal Crossing, Veiutiful Joe 2, just to name a few) and I purchased an extra controller, and super smash bros melee. Total: $35 While I wont bash it because it was free, the system has NO GAMES. The ones I named above are the ones everyone keep telling me is the cream of the crop, yet other than SSBM (which I new would be good) the rest are worthless. VJ2 isnt too bad, but ive beatin it on my PS2 a while ago. I'm slowly working my way through windwaker.

--Conclusion: If you get one free, go for it, don't pay more than $50. Oh and get melee.

This I came through by babysitting it for a friend of mine while he was out of town, I played wii sports, and twilight princess on it. I demoed excite truck @ gamestop.

Great time with freinds, annoying alone. So-So library atm, with no signs of "Amazing" games coming any time soon. I suppose this is a must have though if your a mario freak. While I couldn't test any of the online features, most people are raving about the virtual console. I apologize but see PS3 below.

Sidenote: Also the wii will require a major re-write of game code for a proper port... wether thats a good or bad thing is up to you.

--Conclusion: Meh, $250... I'd say your money is better spent on a PS2.

The Xbox:

Now out of production, yet still the most hackable of any console. With the abilty to run linux near flawlessly, and be used as an awesome media center for cheap, and the ever beloved HALO, this would be a modders console to pick up. This is also mandatory if you want to run xbox games, as the 360s backward compt contains about 200 titles... which isn't many. I personally traded mine in for the PS2 a long while ago (before the s contoller was even released) so I can't say this review is the best... so i'll just leave it at

--Conclusion: Buy it cheap, hack it up!

The Playstation 3:

Can run ANY NES, SNES, GENESIS, GAMEBOY, and whatever else you want through the use of linux with some roms and an emulator! Free? Yes. Legal? Not usually (Unless you have the cartrige, way to ditch paying for the same game twice) Same experience? YES. The playstation 3's library right now seems half-assed, but it will only get better in time, and with games like white knight, Heavenly sword and UT3, it's looking up, atleast to me. Not to mention the HDD is upgradable. Speaking of older games also, did ya'll see mortal kombat will soon be avalible for download from the sony store??

I've only played motorstorm @ demos, but it was pretty fun for an arcade racer. I can only imagine resitance.

--Conclusion: Wait a year or 2 for the price to come down, the games to come out, and the technology to show what it can do.

The Xbox 360:

Definatly the holder of the games, if you don't include the PS3 backwards library. Awesome title line up, with amazing online capabilties. Unfortnatly it was plagued with hardware related launch problems (Something both the Wii and the PS3 didn't have much problem with). Also, it seems a rather large ammount of games have small glitchs, and while I wont blame this on the 360 hardware, I am taking into account games in these reviews as well...

--Conclusion: If you must have a console today, this or the PS2 would be the choice to go with.

And finally:

The Playstation 2:

Funny how the PS3 is competiting with its predecessor. Of course the PS3 can play 99.9% of the games, along with PS1 games, so if you have one, no need to buy this, but if you want a top of the line gaming experience for cheap, heres the way to go. It costs about the same as a gamecube used, or $30 more dollars new. Depending on the maker, the games are now being RELEASED at $20 each! It holds favorites like final fantasy, guitar hero, god of war, metal gear, and the list goes on. Its only downfall i've seen is poor online support, though games like SOCOM beg to differ. If every game had the support like that, it'd give live a run for its money. For a meer $170 get yourself PS2 brand new, with god of war and a memory card. You won't regret it.

--Conclusion: If you don't need the latest graphics and want to play the best games, grab this console.

Sidenote: I'm surprised at how many of the latest games are still being released for the PS2...

Obviously this is all my opinion.. but I just thought i'd share.


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