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Default Re: Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360

So you must be looking to get reamed, eh? Basically if you say anything pro-PS3 outside of anything but Sony's forums, you're going to get shot down.

Now, personally, I think the PS3 is the better machine, and I'm speaking from personal experience. My dad bought one a little after Christmas and I've enjoyed every second I've spent on it. I also like the fact that it includes a Blu-Ray player and the fact that it doesn't sound like a jet. The backwards compatibility doesn't hurt, either. Add on top of that the fact that games should get much better very soon now that IBM engineers are helping to familiarize developers with the Cell-B.E. processor and you've got a winner. Most Xbox360 owners will try to throw the price in your face, but take the fact that the 60GB PS3 doesn't cost any more than a "premium" 360 with the HD-DVD drive and that goes out the window.

Now, I'm not saying that the 360 isn't a good gaming box, I'm just saying that the PS3 fits my wants better.
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