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Exclamation Playstation 3 vs Xbox 360

Hay Guys long time reader and forumist but first post to this site.

I read an article that came from this site, this morning that angered me.
Not because it was false or completely wrong.
But because it didnt come from a Gamer.

I cant find the reveiw link and cant find the address either so if you know what im talking about please post a link.
Now, i want to get as many Gamers in this forum to have an all out war... opps i mean 'discusion' about thses two consoles.

For instance, i am about to take to my xbox with a sledge hammer at the moment . From the day i spent over $700 dollars for the latest in gaming technology i have had nothing but s%@#! fights.

Firstly i noticed alot of crashing, but thats fine cuz im used to that from microsoft, nothin outta of the ordinary there. But then came things like, if you slighty knock/move the box while it has disc in it, say goodbye it chews it to the point of unreadability or spits it out (inside the box) at a millions miles and hour. Though you can get discs shaved these days.

And i know it says dont move the box with a disc in it, i realise why now, im not stupid, but sometimes you do, like to plug in your lan cable or internet connection, or acces the usb plug on the back. Rrrrrr

And then then bomb dropped, i had to send my xbox back because my controller (or anyones elses) wouldnt connect to the box, binding, rebooting, tried everything.

This is when i realised everyone i know has had to send there box back for some sort of repair, and living in australia, that means weve havent even owned them a year. RRRRRRRR

Which also means we are awaiting the launch of Playstation 3,
(yes i could have picked one up on ebay
but i like 12 months interest free)

Now supposedly this thing has double the processing power, which stands a 2 trillion processes a second (xbox 1trillion)
Playstation comes with Blue Ray (a thousand dollar component in itself)
So xbox brings out a gunby second HD DVD Drive, which will cost you an extra $299 and comes with a new remote.
(funny i bought a premium pack so i already have a remote) Imbeciles.
Just becuase you came first dosent mean you win, like Sex really.

Then we have the controllers, now as much as i love the new xbox unit, SIXAXIS, woot!. Even Nintento saw that coming.
As the count down continues to my new Playstation, i will be back to rave about whats wrong with th PS3, absolutley nothing. i hope.....
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