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Compared to the old Trackmania games that I've played this one has more realistic physics. That's not say that it is superrealistic it's just that you can no longer do things like influence you're direction of flight in mid-jump (Although you can affect distance a bit by pushing the gas and brake while in the air). The only problem is that it is hard to find a good US server because most servers are in France because I am assuming that Nadeo (The developer) is French. It's just not as fun when the people you are competing with are just blipping along rather than moving smoothly and fluidly. And one thing that I think needs to be brought back: Puzzle mode. This mode had a start and ending location on the field and it let you use the track editor with a certain amount of pieces and building blocks to create a path from start to finish that you would have to drive across. Pretty cool concept imo. Also I love how fast the tracks load. You can build a track and in a matter of about 3 or 4 seconds you could drive it. Superb quality for a completely free game. And if I may say so myself I'm pretty good at it too. I'm always in the top three when I go online. Booyah.
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