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Post Building New SLI System, CPU:3200 or 3500?

Hello people,
Well I am going to build a new system in a few months and am doing some research. I plan on building and SLI system w\2 6600 GT's, with and ASUS A8N-Deluxe PCI-E board.This time I am going w\an AMD Athlon 64.

My dilemma is if I should use an Athlon 64 3200 90nm 939, which only has a 64bit memory controller or if I should spend the extra $67.00 and get an Athlon 64 3500 with a 128bit mem controller. I know the real benefit of the 939 over 754 is 128bit memory controller support(and SLI).

I guess my real question is: Because I plan on building an SLI system, should I bother with the better CPU? I mean I bet I could use a slow CPU and still have kickass Frame rates. What does everyone think?

OK, I just found these specs, but they don't seem correct.
Clock Frequency 2000MHz
System Bus 2000
Operating Mode 32/64
Voltage 1.40V
Max Temp 70'C
Thermal Power 89W
L1 Cache 128KB
L2 Cache 512KB
CMOS Technology 90nm SOI
Memory Controller 128-bit----------------so does it have this or what???
2.8GHZ P4 Northwood
Abit IS-10(865G)
1 Gigabyte DDR333
X800GTO 256MB
Seagate 80GB Barracuda
Samsung 60GB
Atlas Case w\400Watt Antec
Logitech 140W 5.1 Sound

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