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MSI board over Intel anytime. I haven't messed with DDR2 yet, so I can't tell you.

I'd ditch the audio card unless you are an audio buff and need concert hall sound. They can be alot of trouble setting up.

Do some searches for CD-RW/DVD Burners. Lot's of info and lots of opinions, comes down to what you want and like in this department.

Lian-Li cases are nice, but I own like 6 of them, so....

Check some of the other threads for PS. There is alot of different opinions on them.

Skip the watercooling, to much trouble unless you are a overclocking madman. Safe your money for a good HSF.

Number of case fans aren't as important as airflow the fans generate. A couple of well placed fans can generate enough airflow to keep your system cool and Lian-Li cases do a great job of cooling with their stock fans.

Rounded cables for airflow and neatness!
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