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Default Hi, New and need help building a PC. Water cooling help.


Im new to the forum.
Im building a new PC, the last PC I build was about a year and a half ago with the P4 2.8.

I use a similar PC at work, so I would try to use the same kind of parts.
Here are the specs. Some of the parts I havent decided what to get.

Motherboard: not decided yet. What motherboard would be good for this system.
CPU: P4 3.0GHZ northwood.
RAM: Corsair XMS DDR400 (PC3200) plat heatsink.
HDD: 2x 200gb seagate 8mb harddrives. Not sata
Video Card: Eviga or MSI 6800 Ultra. I use the 6800 ultra at work and Wont be changing it for anything else apart from a new nvidia based graphic card.
Sound Card: Sound blaster audiology 2
DVD/R/RW: Not decided yet.
Case: Not decided yet.
Cooling: Not decided yet.

So here are a few questions I have.
I wont be overclocking. Yet so I wont need to talk about that here.

1. What would be a good motherboard for this system. Im not big fans of Asus or Abit. I like MSI, Gigabyte and Intel.

2. What parts could I change to improve on this system? Without spending too much more, what's your advice and will this system work well?

3. Shall I get DDR2 RAM instead and what motherboard could support the best DDR2 RAM.

4. I would like a top of the range DVD/R/RW. something that and also record DVD RAM. any ideas and what is dual layer rewriters like the Pioneer 108 16x DVD±RW?

5. A quiet computer I like, So what case should I go for? How about a Lian 6070?

6. About water cooling, im thinking of getting a Zalman Reserator 1. It looks good, and is a all in one, not too complicated for a water cooling newbie. Just want to know can it water cool the nvidia 6800 ultra? Heard it can only water cool graphic cards with push-pins holes around the GPU?
Is there anyway I can have a quiter cooler for the 6800 ultra?

7. Would I need to cool any other parts in the PC? and with what quite fans should I do it with, if I do?

8. What good cables are there? what rounded cables? I want most things neat in my PC.

and finally:
9: What PSU should I go for? need something powerfull enought. Whats the best and quitest one, although, I prefer power to silence in my computer but wont want to overclock.

Thank u. hope u can help
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