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Yeah, 'slave, Brazil was soooo good. I really liked that one! Haven't seen it in years. I always loved 'big brother' fiilms like this one and 1984 with John Hurt...

And Run - Heat, Professional, and 12-monkeys all rocked. I liked the opening scene(s) with Leon where he takes out the drug dealers' thugs one by one and they never even see him. What a bad-ass. And literally anything with Diniro in it and I'm there (Heat) - even the new one 'Meet the Parents' really was funny. I bought it on dvd.

Princess Bride aint too shabby, either, hehehe. the one-liners are timeless! Inconceivable! aha, but I am not left-handed... Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.

Being a 'lefty' that one line has always had a special place for me...

I'm gonna have to give an honorable mention to 'Tombstone'. I just love westerns, and this one was so cool. Doc Holiday is my Hero with his little Hungarian Devil (the anti-christ)
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