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Question Favorite film of all time? not exactly a poll, but...

OK. So what's your favorite film of all time? Runaway expressed that he liked 'Time Bandits' (maybe not his favorite). That's another one of my favorites, but...

I'm going to have to go with 'Army of Darkness', starring Bruce Campbell. The third of the trilogy of the 'Evil Dead' series. That movie absolutely rocks! Remember, the guy cuts off his hand and attaches a chain saw and goes back in time to the dark ages? The one liners rule. "Aw, that was just pillow-talk, baby" ~SLAP!!!~ hehehehe. Then there was "Gimme some sugar, baby". And the grand finale, "Hail to the king, baby".

The whole 'boom stick' scene just cracks me up, where he gives the description, including the price from the store where he worked... hehehe.

The first time I saw it (many years ago) I had the flu and caught the middle (in a daze) on cable. I never remembered what it was called, just that the guy had a chain saw where his hand used to be. Then I saw it. In Blockbuster. There he was, on the cover! With the chain saw! I rented it immediately. Now I own a copy. K-mart, $6.95.
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