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Default Re: Newbie building first system.

do as c_deck says about the proc
get a msi or epox or asus mobo, that gb has a few probs i heard
hsf= good, but if you want a silen solutin with high preformance get the zalman cnps 7000 cu
ps: zalma, antech, enermax ect. go brand name
case is your choise, but youl pay a big pemium for a alu case
memory: conisar is good, so is kingston
get 2 special edition (8mb buffer) wd hdds, and raid them(raid 0) will cost the same as one raptor and give higher preformance in real world use
dvd: whatever you like, i like lg's optical drives
vid card: STAY AWAY FROM NVIDIA!!!!! get the ati raedon 9500pro, 9600pro or above. get a 128mb one
thats abought it
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