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Default Whats on your playlist?

So what is everyone listening to atm. Always looking for things to listen too, so share your favorites.

My current playlist is full of soft soothing sounds, that mirror my current bliss.

Slayer-Here comes the pain
Chevelle-The Red
Disturbed-Meaning of Life
Machine Head-Devil with the Kings Card
Machine Head-The Burning Red
Pantera-Planet Caravan
Slayer-Seven Faces
Slayer-Seasons in the Abyss
Slayer-Skeletons of Society
Slayer-Angel of Death
Slayer-Alter of Sacrifice
Slayer-Raining Blood
Slayer-South of Heaven
Slayer-Ghosts of War
Slayer-Spill the Blood
Slayer-Cleanse the Soul

Pretty Heavy, but this list always makes me feel relaxed...go figure
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