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lowlight 09-05-2002 02:15 PM

Articles Forum Rules
To encourage feedback on our articles, we have opened a new Forum - the Articles Forum!

You do NOT need to be registered to post replies here, but there are some restrictions:

-Unregistered users may not start new threads or polls
-Unregistered users may not post attachments
-Unregistered users can not edit their posts

It is suggested that you register to enjoy full use of the forum, but it is not necessary if you just want to post a comment on a review.


huboldium 09-05-2002 05:52 PM

good idea LL, i think it will be helpful

moebius 09-06-2002 12:10 PM

Hub, Sometimes I think you post just so your number of posts will go up.

:gun: :alien:

Blackice 09-06-2002 12:20 PM

it's his world, he has to shape it..

huboldium 09-08-2002 03:26 PM

i was mentioning that i thought it was a good idea to allow non registered users to post after reading an article as i often have an oppinion i would like to express but find it is too hard to register just to post once, by giving LL feedback on changes it will allow him to improve the forum for ease of use and so forth

Giancarlo 09-08-2002 03:57 PM

I might end my posting spree sooner or later...

sanity1a 10-12-2002 08:54 PM

it is his world, he has to shave it

kraig 10-20-2002 03:55 PM

lol. let them all live. postings fun. they;re only spumming.

ccobra3000 03-13-2003 08:35 AM

spamming...??? so we have a new spam thread now? awsome.

lowlight 03-13-2003 08:53 AM

ccobra, you lose 10 points for that. Each spam post I see, you lose another 10 points, so you better stop soon or you'll end up in the negative! :lol:

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