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lowlight 10-04-2007 05:42 AM

GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review
Itís been a while since our last case review, so I am happy to announce our latest review is of a very cool Small Form Factor case by fledgling company GTR Tech. By the way, GTR Tech is not related to the Hong Kong PC peripheral company also known as GTR.

The GT3 can only be found in the companyís online store right now, and for a hefty price of $249.99. However, I can honestly say this is the most innovative, most portable full-ATX SFF case I have ever come across. Installation is complicated, and expansion options are limited, but man is it small! Check out the full review of the GTR GT3 for more details.

Shyguy 10-04-2007 10:19 AM

Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review
Nice Review :righton:

yeah, price does seem a little high, but all in all, not a bad case.

one thing I was wondering, is I see how the expansion card cage works, & plugs in to the mobo using essentially riser cards, may have missed it in the review, but is there enough room under the vid card to use a PCI sound card, for example if someone stuffed in a 8800GTS or GTX, would there still be room for a PCI sound card or is someone SOL on that, being the case is only what 4+ inches wide?

if not, then people running ATI HD2900's might find this one nice, with 5.1 sound on the card itself.

got a laugh out of the carbon wing type handle though :D

lowlight 10-04-2007 10:36 AM

Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review
The cage extends to accommodate double-wide cards. Should have mentioned that specifically, sorry

Shyguy 10-04-2007 03:09 PM

Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review
nah, I was wondering because the one picture with the 6800 in it, didn't have the PCI riser on the other side, thought maybe even though it can handle double wide PCI-E cards, that there may have not been room for a PCI card as well?

Goty 10-04-2007 04:38 PM

Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review
Ok, now lets see how long it takes me to fit a decent all-internal watercooling system into one of these puppies... =P

Flunk 10-04-2007 10:18 PM

Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review
I don't know, it really doesn't look like a $250 case to me, the carbon fibre look is very reminiscent of the cheap "gaming" cases you can get at Larry's Computers (not a real place) down the block.

I really like the way they manage to cram that ATX board into the case though, although if you can't use all the slots it sorta defeats a good deal of the point. Always nice to see some new SFF ideas.

If anyone is interesting in buying a SFF case, the Silverstone Sugo SG03 is similar in size (not as tall or deep but quite a bit wider) to the GT3, supports normal optical drives, has 4 expansion slots and looks a lot better (opinion of course). The downside is that the board has to be an mATX. Something else to consider in a small chasis.

AgrAde 10-06-2007 04:41 AM

Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review
i think cases that try to look and sound like car parts fucking hilarious and very pathetic.

_visible 11-26-2007 04:21 PM

Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review


So yeah, there are quite a few screws and what-not to move around, but unless you upgrade your video card on a regular basis, this shouldn't post too much of a problem. With the well-written manual, you thankfully do not need an engineering degree to figure it out.
a) Starting a sentence with 'So yeah' = no good

b) The actual reason I am posting: isn't it proper to refer to something as 'posing a problem' instead?

EDIT: I have no idea what 'Snake Award' means anymore, but what on Earth did I do wrong in THIS post? Someone clue me in...

Winged Poop 11-26-2007 04:44 PM

Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review
Does the case do dorrrriifffftoosss? It be carbon fiba yooo.

krytek 11-26-2007 04:50 PM

Re: GTR Tech GT3 Sport Compact Case Review
they forgot to put "Turbo" in the name of the case...
the case looks cool though.

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