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Ahee. GX 12-12-2004 02:33 PM

Hi, New and need help building a PC. Water cooling help.

Im new to the forum.
Im building a new PC, the last PC I build was about a year and a half ago with the P4 2.8.

I use a similar PC at work, so I would try to use the same kind of parts.
Here are the specs. Some of the parts I havent decided what to get.

Motherboard: not decided yet. What motherboard would be good for this system.
CPU: P4 3.0GHZ northwood.
RAM: Corsair XMS DDR400 (PC3200) plat heatsink.
HDD: 2x 200gb seagate 8mb harddrives. Not sata
Video Card: Eviga or MSI 6800 Ultra. I use the 6800 ultra at work and Wont be changing it for anything else apart from a new nvidia based graphic card. :)
Sound Card: Sound blaster audiology 2
DVD/R/RW: Not decided yet.
Case: Not decided yet.
Cooling: Not decided yet.

So here are a few questions I have.
I wont be overclocking. Yet so I wont need to talk about that here.

1. What would be a good motherboard for this system. Im not big fans of Asus or Abit. I like MSI, Gigabyte and Intel.

2. What parts could I change to improve on this system? Without spending too much more, what's your advice and will this system work well?

3. Shall I get DDR2 RAM instead and what motherboard could support the best DDR2 RAM.

4. I would like a top of the range DVD/R/RW. something that and also record DVD RAM. any ideas and what is dual layer rewriters like the Pioneer 108 16x DVD±RW?

5. A quiet computer I like, So what case should I go for? How about a Lian 6070?

6. About water cooling, im thinking of getting a Zalman Reserator 1. It looks good, and is a all in one, not too complicated for a water cooling newbie. Just want to know can it water cool the nvidia 6800 ultra? Heard it can only water cool graphic cards with push-pins holes around the GPU?
Is there anyway I can have a quiter cooler for the 6800 ultra?

7. Would I need to cool any other parts in the PC? and with what quite fans should I do it with, if I do?

8. What good cables are there? what rounded cables? I want most things neat in my PC.

and finally:
9: What PSU should I go for? need something powerfull enought. Whats the best and quitest one, although, I prefer power to silence in my computer but wont want to overclock.

Thank u. hope u can help

Ahee. GX 12-14-2004 05:00 PM

Can someone please help.
You dont have to anwser all the questions, the water cooling one.

firemachine69 12-14-2004 05:39 PM

I wouldn't bother with water. Get a Zalman ad put it on low speed. If you game at all, then the Athlon 64 is the way to go, along with a 6800GT. 6800 Ultra is a waste of cash. Although Nvidia is the slightly better performer now, being an Nvidia fanboy... is not recommended, it boils down to being immature.

Just make sure you get a good brand name power supply, case is your choice. SilenX fans are recommended.

BTW it's spelled Audigy 2. And if you don't need all the inputs, I highly disrecommend against it.

For the cost of watercooling, don't bother.

rstarr 12-14-2004 08:02 PM

MSI board over Intel anytime. I haven't messed with DDR2 yet, so I can't tell you.

I'd ditch the audio card unless you are an audio buff and need concert hall sound. They can be alot of trouble setting up.

Do some searches for CD-RW/DVD Burners. Lot's of info and lots of opinions, comes down to what you want and like in this department.

Lian-Li cases are nice, but I own like 6 of them, so....:)

Check some of the other threads for PS. There is alot of different opinions on them.

Skip the watercooling, to much trouble unless you are a overclocking madman. Safe your money for a good HSF.

Number of case fans aren't as important as airflow the fans generate. A couple of well placed fans can generate enough airflow to keep your system cool and Lian-Li cases do a great job of cooling with their stock fans.

Rounded cables for airflow and neatness!

firemachine69 12-14-2004 09:46 PM

MSI can suck my left nut.

Abit is my first pick. Intel if it's a stock bugger (but then again, who wants only stock options? :D)

Flunk 12-15-2004 12:53 AM


ASUS or Abit


Athlon 64 is a better deal for the money than the P4


If you're not overclocking watercooling is pointless. Rounded cables look nice if you're interested in that. Otherwise decent case fans at lower rpms are easier on the ears.


6800 Ultra is a great choice


Despite what others may say the Audigy 2 is a great card (though tempermental) and a really imporant addition if you either play a lot of games or have a better set of speakers.


I love my Lian-Li PC60 but the quality comes at a premium price.

Power Supply:

I would go with a no lower than 480watt brand-name PSU to be safe. Thermaltake, Antec and Enermax are all good brands I've used before.

Ahee. GX 12-15-2004 07:51 PM

Thanks for ur help guys.
Please dont worry about the price ( well kinda ) My company is paying for it.
Im not a fan boy but i just prefer the card.
The reason I was going for the water cooling is because i want something very quite and also if i want to overclock later.

Is there a water cooler that can water cool the geforce 6800 ultra. Thats the most important thing. and what motherboard model?
Thanks again guys

Davis 12-15-2004 09:51 PM

Id still say go with an amd64, if your company is paying for it, go for a amd fx-53 and a pci-e board. the new gigabyte one LL just reviewed looks sweet. you can also get a pci-e graphics card.

As for watercooling, you can look online for kits or for parts. if you dont think you can set it up yourself look for a kit that can cool video cards as well as your cpu. and when you get it dont forget to do a leek test (run the w/c setup for 8 hours without anything attached to it and see if it leeks).

google is your best bet for finding one, just google for what you want in your water cooling setup and it should show.

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