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Stevo 06-08-2001 02:42 PM

Favorite film of all time? not exactly a poll, but...
OK. So what's your favorite film of all time? Runaway expressed that he liked 'Time Bandits' (maybe not his favorite). That's another one of my favorites, but...

I'm going to have to go with 'Army of Darkness', starring Bruce Campbell. The third of the trilogy of the 'Evil Dead' series. That movie absolutely rocks! Remember, the guy cuts off his hand and attaches a chain saw and goes back in time to the dark ages? The one liners rule. "Aw, that was just pillow-talk, baby" ~SLAP!!!~ hehehehe. Then there was "Gimme some sugar, baby". And the grand finale, "Hail to the king, baby".

The whole 'boom stick' scene just cracks me up, where he gives the description, including the price from the store where he worked... hehehe.

The first time I saw it (many years ago) I had the flu and caught the middle (in a daze) on cable. I never remembered what it was called, just that the guy had a chain saw where his hand used to be. Then I saw it. In Blockbuster. There he was, on the cover! With the chain saw! I rented it immediately. Now I own a copy. K-mart, $6.95. :D

PsycoboyJack 06-08-2001 03:33 PM

Princess bride. and stevo if you go and visit x-entertainment.com there is a great article on the entire trilogy, it might be a ways back though. Andre the Giants rules!!!!!

PsycoboyJack 06-08-2001 03:35 PM

oops. i went and checked and its only over the second movie... sorry if i dissapointed anyone.

artslave 06-08-2001 03:43 PM

Well Stevo, I can't do just one. That's why I didn't respond to the best music of all time thread, my list would have been just too long.
Here's my list in no particular order:

The Cell
Dark City
American Beauty
Pink Floyd's "The Wall"
John Carpenter's "The Thing"
Alien Series (yes I liked them all :p)
The original Evil Dead, ED2 & Army of Darkness (I'll swallow your soul)

I finally saw Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon last night. I almost fell asleep at the beginning but I'm glad I hung on. The ending is what really saved this movie for me since I had already seen all of the action sequences via hype and trailers. I don't think it will ever make in to my "list" but it was a damn fine film.

runaway 06-08-2001 03:56 PM

The Umpire Strikes Out
Rear Window
The Professional (AKA Leon)
12 Monkeys

The list goes on and on (and on and on).
I want to see Requiem for a Dream and Memento real bad like.

rstarr 06-08-2001 04:31 PM

Well, since you put it that way, "favorite film", not films, I had
a hard time selecting. There are so many!

Apocalypse Now

Animation would be: The Dark Crystal

Stevo 06-08-2001 05:07 PM

Yeah, 'slave, Brazil was soooo good. I really liked that one! Haven't seen it in years. I always loved 'big brother' fiilms like this one and 1984 with John Hurt...

And Run - Heat, Professional, and 12-monkeys all rocked. :) I liked the opening scene(s) with Leon where he takes out the drug dealers' thugs one by one and they never even see him. What a bad-ass. And literally anything with Diniro in it and I'm there (Heat) - even the new one 'Meet the Parents' really was funny. I bought it on dvd.

Princess Bride aint too shabby, either, hehehe. the one-liners are timeless! Inconceivable! aha, but I am not left-handed... Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.

Being a 'lefty' that one line has always had a special place for me... :D

I'm gonna have to give an honorable mention to 'Tombstone'. I just love westerns, and this one was so cool. Doc Holiday is my Hero with his little Hungarian Devil ;) (the anti-christ)

lowlight 06-08-2001 05:08 PM

You can see my list on our About Page, where I also list my favourite actors and directors :D

Stevo 06-08-2001 11:23 PM

After seeing your picture, LL, I take back the redneck comment. You don't look anything like one! You look like a nice Web-sysop :) But you don't look anything like a Sasquatch, either... (did I spell that right?) Anyway, you've got many listed that I like. I agree with Artslave, there's just too many to pick just one. I just thought this would be a nice topic. I really am a movie-buff. Actually my whole family is. Maybe it's genetic?

I feel the same way about the top 5 music thread, as well, Artslave. I read that one and it stumped me. I couldn't pick any songs. My mind went nuts trying to narrow it down, so I just left it alone, lol.

lowlight 06-08-2001 11:44 PM

You'll call me a redneck again once you see what I look like after riding on my mountain bike (either that, or you will call me a sasquatch)... either way, it's pretty hard to tell WHAT I am under all that mud :D

BTW I just watched Evolution and Swordfish today (I love movies).

Evolution: HILARIOUS! I highly recommend it!
Swordfish: Skip it. Forget it exists.

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